Invite User to Grafana without Send Invitation Email

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Grafana is a tools for visualisation dashboard monitoring which work together with various datasource.
As default, Grafana set an admin user after the installation. We'll add new user to Grafana without sending email invitation.


In this page, we assumed that we already know about Grafana and have it run in a server.

Step by Step

1. From Grafana dashboard, go to Configuration >> Users.
2. Continue to Invite then set the Email or Username, Name, and Role.
3. Uncheck Send invite email to make Grafana not send invitation email, then Invite.
4. We'll get the new user in Pending Invitations page.
5. Copy the invitation link at Copy invite then give the link to the user.
6. User will use that link to login to Grafana and setup their password for the first time.