Basic RabbitMQ Command

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Create Administrator User

 $ rabbitmqctl add_user [user] [password]
 $ rabbitmqctl set_user_tags [user] administrator

Delete User

 $ rabbitmqctl delete_user [user]

Change User Password

 $ rabbitmqctl change_password [user] [new_password]

Create New Virtualhost

 $ rabbitmqctl add_vhost /[vhost_name]

List Available Virtualhost

 $ rabbitmqctl list_vhosts

Delete A Virtualhost

 $ rabbitmqctl delete_vhost /[vhost_name]

Grant User Permissions for Vhost

 $ rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p /[vhost_name] [user] ".*" ".*" ".*"

List Vhost Permissions

  $ rabbitmqctl list_permissions -p /[vhost_name]

list User Permissions

 $ rabbitmqctl list_user_permissions [user]

Delete User Permissions

 $ rabbitmqctl clear_permissions -p /[vhost_name] [user]