Basic Git Command

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Create New Branch from Master or Other Branch

$ git checkout master                         # first, we work in master branch
$ git pull                                    # pull from original branch
$ git checkout -b [new_branch_name]           # creating new branch in our local fs
$ git push origin [new_branch_name]           # push our new branch to Github or Gitlab
$ git config core.autocrlf false              # stop replacement warning message

Delete Branch in Our Local Filesystem

$ git branch -d [name_of_branch]


$ git branch -D [name_of_branch]              # force deletion

Delete Branch in Github or Gitlab

$ git push origin :[name_of_branch]

Merge Branch to Master

$ git checkout master                         # switched to branch master
$ git merge [branch_name]                     # merge

Make Branch Same As Master or Other Branch"

$ git checkout [name_of_branch]               # checkout to branch that will be reseted to be same as master
$ git reset --hard master                     # reset to be same as master